Saturday, May 18, 2013

And They're Off!

Today is Farrah's big day. She's traveling to Minnesota to meet her new foster family, or maybe her new "forever family." I'm really not sure which, but I should find out more via e-mail once she gets there.

We got up super early and got her all packed up and ready to go. I was sad that it was time to say goodbye to her, but I felt so much better when we got to the shuttle pickup at Winding River.
This place is amazing.
We arrived at 8am, and Lori, from Doghousing, Inc., was there to greet us. I'm SO GLAD she was, because she helped me get through what turned out to be a very emotional experience. 

We found Farrah's bus, and met the driver. They had a carrier for Farrah right in the back, so she got to be the last one to board, which gave us a little time to wander around Winding River. What a facility! 

They've got a vet clinic, lots of boarding kennels, and even a horse and a donkey. There's cats wandering around all over the place, and dogs barking their heads off in the kennel area. The whole place is peaceful and friendly.

While we were waiting, Lori took a couple of photos of me and Farrah. Then, all too soon, they called "all aboard" and it was time to say goodbye.
Although it was a little snug, Farrah hopped right in the carrier. She was so distracted by all the dogs, and all the activity going on around her, I don't think she had time to get upset about leaving. 
After one final goodbye, the van took off, bound for Minnesota.
There was still a whole lot of activity going on at Winding River after Farrah's shuttle bus pulled out. Other buses were loading, unloading and exchanging dogs all headed for different places. Since each dog needed a potty break before they departed, Lori and I stuck around and helped walk a few of the travelers.
These two pups were pretty overwhelmed by all the activity, and they didn't understand about walking on a leash, so when the volunteers took them out for their walks, MUCH drama ensued. Buster (the one on the left) cried like he was being murdered when the van driver tried to coax him to walk on a leash. His sister, Brandy (on the right), was even more freaked out. She tried to hide under the van, crying the whole time. Poor babies! As cute as they are, I know they'll find new homes quickly, or they may even already have a home waiting for them.
Lori said we should get e-mail updates throughout the day as Farrah's journey continues. I'm looking forward to hearing that she is in her forever home, with someone who will love her as much as we do, for the rest of her life. She's a good girl, and I'm grateful I got to be a link in the chain of events that will lead her to her own happy ending.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Farrah's last night with her foster dads.

Tonight we're having chicken and waffles. Tomorrow morning I will get up early and drive Farrah to the shuttle bus pickup that will be taking her all the way to Minnesota.

Yes, Farrah got a corner of a waffle, and a nice morsel of chicken, and a strip of bacon, too. But no maple syrup. We don't want to spoil her :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

More pics in the backyard.

I've been trying to get a good photo of Farrah standing up, but she's a croucher. If she's waiting for me to throw the stick, or if she hears a squeaky toy, or if we have treats, she's crouching.

Oh, and she loves getting a drink of water from the hose.

I wonder if she thinks she hears a mole or a groundhog or something.

It was a good day.

Farrah's Glamour Shots

Now that she's all clean and pretty from her spa day yesterday, I wanted to get a few nice pictures of Farrah for the M.A.R.S. rescue website, to help show off what a beauty she is. We got out in the back yard with treats, squeaky toys and a stick, to try and get some alert, still photos. While we were taking Farrah's picture,  Dan, our next door neighbor, came out and asked about her. We explained that she's in foster care, and destined for a shelter in Minnesota. 

While we were talking with Dan over the fence, I mentioned that Farrah has not been able to get along with our two dogs, Misty and Lucy. Turns out Dan is something of a dog whisperer, because before I knew it, he was in our yard, coaching Farrah and Misty! We kept them out there together for a good 10 or 15 minutes, and it was a friendly, laid-back encounter for them, and it ended on a positive note. So I'm delighted to see that the dogs can work out their differences. I think part of the problem that caused them to get so aggressive with each other was my own nervousness about introducing them. This time, Dan and I just kind of hung out and chatted, and let the dogs sit around and chill out near each other. There was a teensy bit of growling, but that's it. Otherwise, they were great! 

Emboldened by our success, I even let Farrah check out Mr. Kitty. She sniffed his butt (which he hates) and then she lost interest. So she doesn't seem too worried about cats at all. Now, granted, that's just one crusty old Siamese, but it's certainly encouraging. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Today was a big day for Farrah, our foster dog. I loaded her in the car and we went to U-Wash Puppy in the Trailridge Shopping Center on Nieman Rd. They have everything you need to bathe a dog- waist-level tubs, shampoo, grooming implements, towels, aprons- the works. The shop owner always has two or three dogs hanging out with him, so the whole place is like a dog beauty salon. He has a little boxer mix that greets every new arrival. She's the calmest boxer I've ever seen, and I think it helps the dogs to be less nervous about getting washed. I love that place!

Farrah was very apprehensive when we pulled up in front of the shop. There was a small group of noisy dogs and their owners hanging around the doorway, and she didn't want to approach them. Once we were inside, I mentioned to the shop owner that  I wasn't sure how this was going to go down, since Farrah is a foster, and I don't know if she's ever even had a bath before. He has these nice wooden steps to help the larger dogs get into the tub more easily, but she was having none of that. In fact, she wanted OUT of there! Finally, after failing to coax her to walk up the steps into the tub, the owner and I each just grabbed an end and hoisted her right up into the tub.

Once we got her in the tub, it went pretty smoothly from there. She was, of course, filthy. I had to lather her up three times before the water finally ran clear. Drying her took forever- her coat is fairly dense.

When we finished, I walked up to to the counter to pay, but the owner wouldn't let me pay him! He said, "You're already helping her so much, let me do this for her."

I was floored. Never expected that. What a nice guy, and what a great place U-Wash Puppy is!

Friday, May 10, 2013

After 1 week, she's a different dog.

Farrah, our foster dog, is so much more at ease than when she arrived a week ago. She's playful, loyal and funny. Tomorrow I'm taking her to U-Wash Puppy for a much-needed bath.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Here's an update on our foster dog, Farrah.

She LOVES to play fetch.
She'll chase a stick over and over and over.

She's getting more confident walking on stairs now.

Her FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD seems to be getting brushed.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Meet Farrah, Our Foster Dog!

For awhile now, I've wanted to try being a foster home for an adoptable dog. Thursday, I saw a post on Facebook from The Pet Connection, (the shelter where we got Lucy) seeking a foster home for a German Shepherd that was in KCK animal control, on the "kill list." They were looking for short-term foster care until the dog could be transferred to a rescue organization in Minnesota. I checked with Jim, and he was up for it, so we signed up to be Farrah's foster parents!
Here she is!

We picked up Farrah at Unleashed Pet Rescue, in Mission, from Lori, a volunteer from Doghousing, Inc, a foster care organization. It's hard to believe somebody would've let this girl go, but that seems to be the case. She was picked up as a stray. After one day, here's what we know about her:
She isn't sure what to do with a peanut butter-filled Kong toy, although she does find it intriguing

She knows some commands, including "sit" and "shake." In fact, she wants to shake all the time! 

I get the impression she's never lived indoors. She seems kind of freaked out by our house, especially the stairs.

She hates Lucy, and she's not crazy about Misty, either. She's good on a leash, though, and we took the whole pack for a walk this morning. Hopefully if we keep doing that she'll chill out and stop snarling at the other dogs. We don't trust her around the cat, and probably won't let them come in close contact with each other. If she was living on the streets, she might've learned to hunt small furry things, and she could probably finish off Mr. Kitty in one bite. Not that he'd have much meat on him.

Oh, much like Misty, she's fairly camera-shy. I'm going to try and get some better, sharper photos of her, but this was the best I could do today.