Saturday, May 18, 2013

And They're Off!

Today is Farrah's big day. She's traveling to Minnesota to meet her new foster family, or maybe her new "forever family." I'm really not sure which, but I should find out more via e-mail once she gets there.

We got up super early and got her all packed up and ready to go. I was sad that it was time to say goodbye to her, but I felt so much better when we got to the shuttle pickup at Winding River.
This place is amazing.
We arrived at 8am, and Lori, from Doghousing, Inc., was there to greet us. I'm SO GLAD she was, because she helped me get through what turned out to be a very emotional experience. 

We found Farrah's bus, and met the driver. They had a carrier for Farrah right in the back, so she got to be the last one to board, which gave us a little time to wander around Winding River. What a facility! 

They've got a vet clinic, lots of boarding kennels, and even a horse and a donkey. There's cats wandering around all over the place, and dogs barking their heads off in the kennel area. The whole place is peaceful and friendly.

While we were waiting, Lori took a couple of photos of me and Farrah. Then, all too soon, they called "all aboard" and it was time to say goodbye.
Although it was a little snug, Farrah hopped right in the carrier. She was so distracted by all the dogs, and all the activity going on around her, I don't think she had time to get upset about leaving. 
After one final goodbye, the van took off, bound for Minnesota.
There was still a whole lot of activity going on at Winding River after Farrah's shuttle bus pulled out. Other buses were loading, unloading and exchanging dogs all headed for different places. Since each dog needed a potty break before they departed, Lori and I stuck around and helped walk a few of the travelers.
These two pups were pretty overwhelmed by all the activity, and they didn't understand about walking on a leash, so when the volunteers took them out for their walks, MUCH drama ensued. Buster (the one on the left) cried like he was being murdered when the van driver tried to coax him to walk on a leash. His sister, Brandy (on the right), was even more freaked out. She tried to hide under the van, crying the whole time. Poor babies! As cute as they are, I know they'll find new homes quickly, or they may even already have a home waiting for them.
Lori said we should get e-mail updates throughout the day as Farrah's journey continues. I'm looking forward to hearing that she is in her forever home, with someone who will love her as much as we do, for the rest of her life. She's a good girl, and I'm grateful I got to be a link in the chain of events that will lead her to her own happy ending.

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