Saturday, May 11, 2013


Today was a big day for Farrah, our foster dog. I loaded her in the car and we went to U-Wash Puppy in the Trailridge Shopping Center on Nieman Rd. They have everything you need to bathe a dog- waist-level tubs, shampoo, grooming implements, towels, aprons- the works. The shop owner always has two or three dogs hanging out with him, so the whole place is like a dog beauty salon. He has a little boxer mix that greets every new arrival. She's the calmest boxer I've ever seen, and I think it helps the dogs to be less nervous about getting washed. I love that place!

Farrah was very apprehensive when we pulled up in front of the shop. There was a small group of noisy dogs and their owners hanging around the doorway, and she didn't want to approach them. Once we were inside, I mentioned to the shop owner that  I wasn't sure how this was going to go down, since Farrah is a foster, and I don't know if she's ever even had a bath before. He has these nice wooden steps to help the larger dogs get into the tub more easily, but she was having none of that. In fact, she wanted OUT of there! Finally, after failing to coax her to walk up the steps into the tub, the owner and I each just grabbed an end and hoisted her right up into the tub.

Once we got her in the tub, it went pretty smoothly from there. She was, of course, filthy. I had to lather her up three times before the water finally ran clear. Drying her took forever- her coat is fairly dense.

When we finished, I walked up to to the counter to pay, but the owner wouldn't let me pay him! He said, "You're already helping her so much, let me do this for her."

I was floored. Never expected that. What a nice guy, and what a great place U-Wash Puppy is!

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